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Squishing (SQUId fiSHING)

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It can be hard to find new and inventive experiences with a busy lifestyle. This one, however, has odd, quirky and fun stamped all over it. Squishing! You what? Yep, squishing or "Squid Fishing". Sure, it sounds like an odd idea for a overnight adventure but read on and discover just what you actually get (including a squid based dinner, adventure and much more!) and just why this is a great idea for a fun night away to be shared with family and friends.






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Your day will start with a leisurely collection from your Bangkok* location to be taken to a waiting longtail from Bang Kun Tien that will whisk you off for a lovely lunch in a waterside restaurant. Following this gently paced meal you will continue your journey in our "Pickaboo" van on to a carefully selected pool villa in Hua Hin.

Squishing - Our raw, unedited, squishing video (part 1)

Your time is now your own to relax and enjoy the facilities of the hotel, walk the beach or get in some extra shopping. We'll meet again for a full dinner at 8pm after which we'll make our way to our squishing boat "Choke Siri Sub Nava" (Lucky and Wealthy Navy) to be welcomed on board by our experienced, enigmatic and entertaining captain for his safety briefing and information on the evening's sailing.

Squishing - Our raw, unedited, squishing video (part 2)

The sail to the fishing grounds is a perfect opportunity to take in the stars, learn about life on board, socialise or snooze. Once there all hands are on deck with everybody getting an opportunity to try out all the aspects of squid fishing. We will be preparing our own squid for our next meal so getting it right is important to getting the best squid meal you have ever tasted. You'll know EXACTLY where your squid came from and just how fresh it is. Imagine how that will taste. Aroy mak mak!

After the fishing trip we'll take you back to your hotel for sleep, leisurely breakfast, a midday lunch then back to the Big Mango by 16:00. With hotel, boat, meals, raincoat and some drinks being included you just need to pack sensibly**, bring energy, enthusiasm and a strong love of seafood (a pre-requisite for Thailand life!). Pickaboo will do everything else for you leaving you to sit back and enjoy your squishing trip!


*within the boundaries of Bangkok postal addresses
** Long tracksuit pants, blanket (we'll provide you with your very own Pickaboo t-shirt)


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