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Finally Bangkok has it. For so long Bangkok has lacked a decent lazer game option. Not now! Buried deep in Novotel Siam there is now a HUGE laser quest arena where up to 60 people can play lazer tag at once in 2 different, glorious, battlefields!

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Within Lazer Strike, Novotel Siam, there is a Space Arena and a Street Arena to provide 2 completely different experiences. Each of them supports a wide variety of tactics for rusher, sniper and defender styles of play. Within each arena there are a range of different game options available to your party including:

  • One shot - "shield-less" single shot game
  • Agent game - protect vital information
  • Territories - establishing and defending varied bases
  • Capture the flag - the original team base game
  • Zombies - Defend yourself against the growing Zombie plague
  • Lazer ball - Take the ball and fight your way to your opposition's goal
  • Ammo tag - Limited magazines and limited team stockpiles make for an incredibly tactical game
  • Hunter - A loner game where everybody is out to get everybody else with a slow firing sniper gun
  • Free for all - Just go it alone, you versus everyone and everyone versus you and everyone else "MAYHEM"

Bring all your counter-strike skills into real life. Charge, stealth, defend, hunt, stalk and much much more on your own or in a team environment. The only real decision you need to make is to book and get stuck in. Finally a decent lazer option in Thailand. Bullseye!


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