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Jumping out of a perfectly good plane for fun

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Our tandem skydiving experiene whether purchased for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, valued colleague or client is an adrenaline filled day marked with a unique opportunity to see Thailand's stunning scenery from the air and gain a bird's eye perspective on the sprawling Pattaya city. You dive will include 60 seconds of life-changing freefall followed by a slower, controlled (by you if you fancy), descent from 5000 feet under the safety of the canopy. Before you know it you'll be back on the ground wondering how quickly you can get back up.


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Your day starts at ground level and ends at ground level but in between you'll go to the heavens and back. Our skydiving experience will provide you with a completely managed day out to our skydiving centre located just 1 hour from Bangkok. Whether you make your own way or let us arrange your transport for you the day will be one that you never forget.

Our skydiving team are based in Chonburi and have a long and successful history of parachuting instruction and tandem skydiving. You will start your skydiving experience with your safety briefing. Even though you are strapped to a seasoned professional there are still plenty of tips and instructions to ensure you get everything you want out of your jump and have the perfect jump. You can even help fly the chute on the way down if you feel brave!

The plane will take you up 4km taking in the stunning scenery of the Gulf of Thailand with its stunning beaches littering the coast, the limestone karsts spreading out to the east and Pattaya city sprawling below you. On the approach to 13,000 feet you'll be signalled to move with your instructor to the exit. With your heart in your mouth time slows to a stop....

...and then you are out. Falling, flying, soaring, free. You will remain in freefall achieving speeds of up to 200kph (catch that Usain Bolt!!) until your instructor indicates it is time to release the chute. You have the option of pulling the cord or letting your instructor take complete control so you can just enjoy the sensations and the moments you have floating in the air.

As you approach the ground you can continue to control your ascent, or let the instructor fly for you, until you touch down safely onto the ground again with a huge smile on your face and wondering why you took so long to get round to doing this anyway! Photos and videos are available as an on-site add-on to allow you to take the whole experience away with you to live again and again and again until your next time comes round!

Weight Limits for Tandem Jumps

Maximum weight for Tandem is 115 KG however those over 95KG but less than 100KG must pay a "weight supplement" of 500THB. Over 100KG but less than 110KG must pay a weight supplement of 1000 THB. Over 110KG must pay a weight supplement of 1000 THB + 200 THB per kilo up to a maximum of 115KG (i.e: if you weigh 115KG you will pay 2000THB weight supplement), to cover the extra work of the Instructor.

Photo's & Video

Be sure to ask about getting video and still photographs of your tandem skydive.
Remember, you can make only one first jump, so let it last a lifetime.
In order to undertake a Tandem Skydive YOU DO NOT need to speak or understand ENGLISH.


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