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Bangkok Wakeboarding Party

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No fuss party day leaving from central Bangkok to enjoy wakeboarding, waterskiing, kayaking, swimming, MASSIVE BBQ and much more. Make new friends and relax! (you can bring the family, even if they are not participating, check our options on check-out).

Next party is May 10th 2017 - Visakha Bucha Public Holiday (dry)


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Have you admired our wakeboarding packages but found it difficult to raise enough enthusiasm in your friends to get a decent enough party together to make it worthwhile? Well, admire no more! We are now running regular wakeboarding party events from the centre of Bangkok! Just you? Maybe you and a couple of mates? Not a problem. 11am Silom. You'll be back, fed and full of fun by 6pm. Perfect day-off material.

Even better, with us forming the group it is a simple price per person. We also offer a "non-participating" package for those less sporting that want to come with you but just want to stay on dry land to eat, socialise and have fun. For families we even have kids packages too (well, they just don't eat as much!).

With wake boarding, water-skiing, kayaking, football, kite flying and more on offer coupled with a storming BBQ with flavours to suit all palates this is the easy day out for you and your friends. Feed yourself silly, have a lot of fun and meet new, similarly, minded Bangkokians to enjoy future activities with.

So, will it be sitting at home or in a bar watching Bangkok do Bangkok again or will it be new friends, fun activities, eat until you burst and back home in time for tea and medals? Even if you DO fancy sitting in the bar you'll still be back in plenty of time to take your perch....and full of interesting conversation to share with new and old friends!


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Our instructors each have over a dozen years of wakeboarding and teaching experience. We strive to create a fun, laid back, safe environment for you to learn something new about the sport of wakeboarding or wakesurfing each time you come out with us.

Our boat, and equipment are all top notch and our ability to customize this two hour lesson around your individual needs will maintain a constant level of progression that will keep you coming back for more.

A great day at the lake. We don't just rent a small piece of land on the side of a reservoir, we take up the entire property and lake. Private lake means we control the traffic. When it's your turn, the attention is all on you, and your perfect water conditions.

Like no other in Thialand. The boats are constantly returning to the docks between sets, so there is no need to sit in the boat for hours, just to be included. Whether you are on shore, enjoying breakfast, lunch, a BBQ dinner, or just a few beers, you are always a part of the action.

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