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Scuba Diving Open Water Certificate

Code : COW79

Designed for the beginner, this course will introduce you to the wonders of the aquatic realm. Our Open Water Courses are designed to be fun, educational and enjoyable.

The schedule is normally* carried out over 3 ½ days, starting with a course orientation at 16.00 pm. Here you get to meet your instructor and fellow class mates (remember, only 4 divers per instructor !!) you complete some paperwork and watch the first DVD.
This will normally only take an hour.


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Day 1
At 9 am your instructor explains the basic scuba diving principles and diving equipment  in a fun relaxed manner. In the afternoon you will get to take your first breaths underwater and start building up your confidence with easy skills.
Your course instructor will help you confidently master these skills in very shallow water first.

Day 2

In the morning you continue with more theory and in the afternoon, if all went well*, you get to do your first 2 dives, very shallow and easy, but plenty of fish to be seen already.
*We adapt the pace of the class to individual needs, sometimes people need more time to get comfortable, in that case your course might be 1 day longer with more shallow practice before you get to do your first 2 dives.

Day 3

Day 1
Leaving for your practice around 6.45am, ou will complete your course with 2 more beautiful dives. Back on land, after you complete the theory you can crack open the champagne, you are a diver for the rest of your live…

If it sounds easy, that's because it is.

* Please note that this schedule can be adapted to the pace of the group and environmental and weather conditions.

Additional Information

Other Info

"Koh" in Thai means island, therefore it is necessary to travel by boat to get to the island.

Due to its location in the Gulf of Thailand, customers have a selection of routes to choose from to make their way to our picturesque island.

The main transit points that tourists use are:
Surat Thani
Koh Samui
Koh Phangan

For specific information, please click on the above routes or just scroll down.

Thailand is a Visa friendly country and for most nationalities there are no Visa requirements.


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