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Khao San Walking Tour


You done it. You've arrived in Bangkok. You probably have chosen one of 2 or 3 locations for your first few nights whilst you get yourself oriented and ready for your onward journey through our intriguing, and addictive, country. Even if you are not staying there you have certainly heard of the Thanon Khao San (literally "Milled Rice Road" from it's historical use as the trading centre for rice in this important Asian trading hub). It has many reputations but all leading to increased curiosity from the bright eyed Bangkok newbie. But why? Well, it has evolved into the backpackers heart-beat for South East Asia. Everybody crosses this point at some moment in their journey allowing for recommendations, ideas, unions, bonds, pacts, beginnings, ends, midpoints and so much more. Added to this many of the long term Bangkok foreign residents head here to celebrate, drown sorrows and just meet new people. It is the original Tripadvisor for South East Asia. Barely a single journey through the region doesn't stop here. So why do I need to book a tour? Well, as well as attracting a myriad of humanity the Khao San area also attracts people, from all over the world, looking to increase their own worth by capitalising on the excitement that surrounds the Khao San. Many a traveller has found themselves at a loss in this area too. A guided tour will allow you to stride confidently through this area without spending your entire time guarding your pocket or itinerary.




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