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Yoga @ Home with Kru Sunshine

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Take your life to a new level without the stress and strain of attending a yoga class. Have the yoga class attend you! Kru Sunshine is a Thai international crossfit athlete and leading Bangkok Yoga light. With nearly a decade of high level yoga training and instruction under her (rather tiny) belt she is ready to bring a fully customised program into your home and your life. You really can achieve 1 hour's yoga with just 1 hour of your time. Whether solo, couple, group of friends or a whole family Kru Sunshine will create a program for you to bring your peace, balance, strength and health.


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For those that have discovered yoga it is an addiction. With improved strength & fitness combined with relaxation and peace of mind it is easy to understand why once you have got yourself started. But, as with all these things, it is the time. We all have good intentions but once we realise we're going to have to travel to the class, get changed, do the class and travel back we start to see our time being eaten away and good intentions are all they remain.

Not now. Bangkok's leading yoga light, Kru Sunshine, is now ready to bring yoga to your home. Whether you are a beginner or interested in developing far more advanced skills from the hatha, vinyasa or bikram branches of yoga Kru Sunshine is ready to take you on that beautiful journey to a better you (yes, it sounds cliched but it is actually true...try it to find out). Kru Sunshine trained at the world renowned Yoga VidyaGurujul in Nashik, India and is an international crossfit athlete who repesents Thailand.

Whether just yourself or you and friends or, indeed, your whole family Kru Sunshine is ready to create the programme that provides you with the greatest gains in the time you have available and she takes on the travel time stress for you. Think of the savings to your life and the increase in your own private time. Kru Sunshine has years of experience teaching yoga to children so they are more than welcome to join in and most children find yoga to be fun, engaging and calming. My own daughter (5 years old) turns to yoga when she is stressed out and comes out a few minutes later laughing and joking. It really does do all that for you.

You'll learn vinyasa, downward dog, upward facing dog (cobra), warrior, mountain, tree, bridge, triangle, seated twist pigeon, crow, child's and many more poses. All of these are achievable in brief moments so can be carried into your day to day existence with alarming simplicity.

Stop reading this and just book. Pressing the button is the start of the most amazing journey you can take into a world of health and happiness from cradle to grave.

(please note the author is British and therefore is not prone to positive statements as a matter of course, he just truly believes in yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle....and yoga day is NOT a cardio day for him so that is a bonus too. His daughter really isn't all that wonderful, she looses her **** regularly like any healthy 5 year old....she doesn't break into Yoga in Central....yet, just screams and argues like a normal child)


Lessons Prices 

1. Yoga 1-0-1 at home (1 hr) 1,500 B
2. Yoga for couples (1hr) 1,800 B
3. Yoga for a group of three (1hr) 2,000B
4. Yoga for a group of four (1hr) 2,100B

Yoga benefits the practitioner physically and mentally and builds inner resources which will support you throughout your life. Now Pickaboo is offering a choice of Yoga Packages with Kru Sunshine. Having trained at Yoga VidyaGurukul in Nashik, India, Kru Sunshine has taught Hatha and Vinyasa yoga for over seven years.

Yoga For Kid 

The Yoga for Kids program is designed to improve children’s lives both physically and mentally.  Yoga enhances a child’s strength and flexibility and refines both their balance and their coordination.Yoga also helps to develop body awareness and sharpens focus and concentration.  These skills have tremendous carryover to a child’s life outside the yoga studio and will help improve performance in both the school classroom and in a child’s athletic pursuits.  Our goal is to create fun,enjoyable learning environment where children feel safe and comfortable as they begin to explore the world of yoga.

Yoga For Adults

Our adult classes promise a challenging array of yoga styles: Hatha,Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power and Flow.  Individual classes are designed to meet the skill level of the student, no matter whether they are a beginner or a yogi.  Yoga improves a student’s overall health and well-being in many ways - increasing physical and cardiovascular strength, improving flexibility and balance, raising awareness, and sharpening focus.  More importantly, our yoga programs also offer an excellent coping strategy to deal with the stress of the world in which we live.


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