Rock climbing has evolved from a way for mountain climbers to practise difficult mountaineering techniques to a globally popular sport. At beginner level, anyone with any level of fitness and strength can climb, and there are cheerful rock climbers in their eighties. It’s much more about technique than physical strength.

Now, through Pickaboo, you can get a taste of this exciting leisure activity and enjoy its health benefits. Rock climbing will make you stronger, more agile and fitter, and it’s also great fun to challenge yourself in a new way.

Pickaboo’s Intro to Climbing is your best way to discover sport climbing. It’s a one-hour course that introduces you to essential safety rules, basic skills and top rope belaying right in the heart of Bangkok. Classes are limited to four participants, so you are assured of personal attention and tuition.

The attractive price of 3,200 Baht includes gear rental and a four-day pass to the best climbing wall facilities in Thailand with over 7,000 square feet of high quality, state-of-the-art climbing space. If you get hooked, you’ll be starting on a hobby with plenty of thrills and one which offers huge benefits in terms of health and fitness.

You need to be at least fourteen years old to take the introductory course, but there’s no upper age limit, so you can take your grandma with you and learn together.

By completing the introductory course, you will earn a Top Rope Belay Certificate, your first qualification in this addictive, adrenaline-inducing sport. For more details, click here >>>