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What mum doesn’t secretly want her kids’ party to be the best and the most talked about in school for months? But how can you make sure it happens without working your little socks off?

Ta da! Pickaboo is here to help. Discerning parents can make sure their kids’ celebrations have a little sprinkling of magic dust by booking a spellbinding magician and assistants for the special day.

Kids really do believe in magic. All you need to provide is the magician and they will be enthralled. Watch their glittering eyes as they gaze in wonder at the entrancing show. Hear them gasp with astonishment at the amazing disappearing act. To finish the show, the magician and his assistant will conjure up gifts and goodies for the guests. A perfect way to close proceedings and send them off with a smile.

The show lasts for twenty minutes and makes a superb finale for a memorable birthday bash. To add to the jollity during the party, you’ll have two zany clowns making fun shaped balloons for the kids: take-home presents they’ll adore.

The whole party package (magician, assistant and 2 clowns plus goodies for the kids) costs 24,000 THB (price does not include transport and accommodation).

To book it and guarantee an enchanting, magic-filled day, contact info@pickabooclub.com for a reservation.



How cool would it be to take the controls and fly a jetliner down to Rio? On the thrilling City Flyer flight experience, you have the chance to operate a fully realistic simulation of a Boeing 737-800, the best-selling commercial jet in history and you can bring your jet down to land in any one of 24,000 airports around the world.

The simulator is so realistic that it is actually certified by the Civil Air Association of Australia for Pilot Training. It can comfortably fit three people (plus the simulation instructor) on the flight deck.

The supremely realistic cockpit has all the displays and controls you would see in a real jet aeroplane. The cockpit also has a 180 degree curved wraparound screen showing high definition projections of real routes. The fantastic visual system can show any time of day and any kind of weather and has a vast library of terrain. You can even fly around famous world landmarks like London Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

Why not go for a flight in your private jet next week? It’s got to be one of the most amazing activities the city has to offer. This flight experience is a once in a lifetime challenge and would make a perfect gift for anyone who has always dreamed of taking to the skies.

The City Flyer experience lasts for 60 minutes and is a real bargain at 6,900 baht per person. Click here for more details>>>

Make a reservation at: info@pickabooclub.com

The Haunting Temple in the Lake of Sangklaburee


The tranquil lake at Sangklaburee does not attract as many visitors as its serene beauty deserves. This is especially surprising considering how near it is to the lively riverside town of Kanchanaburee. Pickaboo is offering a trip to remember to this lush, green area with its haunting underwater temple in the lake.

During the rainy and winter seasons, you will be taken by boat to peer down through the clear water at the temple, of which only the bell tower is visible above the surface. Once a centre of worship in a thriving town, the temple was “drowned” when the water rose sharply after construction of the nearby dam. In the dry season, it is possible to visit the temple (an “Unseen Thailand” landmark) on foot.

The tour includes transport to and from Bangkok with a snack breakfast while travelling on day one and lunch at a friendly guesthouse when you arrive. On the first afternoon, you’ll enjoy a tour of the most scenic spots in Sangklaburee – the Mon Bridge is a favourite for selfies! After a set Thai dinner you’ll have a restful night at the cosy P. Guesthouse, far away from the bustle of the city.

After breakfast on the next morning, you’ll head off to the peaceful lake to view the submerged temple, a poignant reminder of life’s impermanence. Back at the guesthouse you’ll be given a tasty lunch before heading back to the city, reflecting on the idea that you should count your blessings, as life is unpredictable.


4,800 THB per person for a group of 8. Book Here>>>

7,300 THB per person for a group of 4. Book Here>>>

Make a reservation at: info@pickabooclub.com



Now you can experience what life was like for traditional Thai rice farmers in bygone days, before they had any labour-saving machines, and when life was lived at a less stressful pace. At Buffalo Village, you’ll get up to your knees in the mud, planting rice the old-fashioned way, and learning about the fascinating ancient methods of growing and cleaning and ‘massaging’ the rice.

But it’s not all hard work! You’ll also look at examples of traditional Thai houses, a simply constructed wooden one for a poor family, and a more elaborate house built of expensive wood with clay roof tiles for a better-off family. After an activity-packed morning, you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch at Indie Kitchen, before a lesson on how to cook traditional Thai food at home from the chef/owner, Jai Nokie.

You can fit the whole experience into one day, or, if you want to chill out in the countryside, why not stay the night in peaceful U Thong and enjoy a barbecue dinner before bed? In the morning, you can take part in the age-old tradition of giving alms to local monks. Then cycle to the local market to pick up some yummy ingredients for a tasty lunch. After helping to make lunch, and thoroughly enjoying it, you’ll head back to the big city, after a fun and educational experience that you won’t forget.

1-day package:
B 4,300 per person for a group of 4 persons
B 3,050 per person for a group of 8 persons
Price includes breakfast, lunch, activities, guide and transport
Book it here>>>

2-day package:
B 7,300 per person for a group of 4 persons
B 5,300 per person for a group of 8 persons
Price includes breakfast (2), lunch (2), BBQ, activities, guide and transport
Book it here>>>

Book direct at info@pickabooclub.com



Want your party to be the talk of the town? Let Olga, a fantastic acrobat and aerial performer, amaze your guests with her courage and grace. She will perform her breathtaking act of acrobatics and contortionism for you and your guests in your own home or chosen venue.

Olga has been performing internationally as a professional acrobat, contortionist and aerial artiste for over a decade. Germany, Ukraine, Taiwan and Turkey are only a few of the countries where she’s entertained audiences with her fantastic displays of skill and dexterity. A performance by the lovely Olga is the perfect way to make your party stand out. The package is suitable for a private party of up to 50 guests.

Pickaboo customers can select from two available performance options, or consult Olga directly if something more customised is wanted. Special costumes can also be arranged:

  • Acrobatic/Contortionist: this option is highly recommended for if your venue has limited space. Check out the video for more details


  • Aerial Acrobatic: this stunningly beautiful performance is suitable for venues with a ceiling of at least 3.5 metres high

Note: For shows outside Bangkok, transportation and accommodation costs are paid by customers.

Price: Starting from 6,000 B.

This price is for a private party of 50 persons. For other events, please contact us at info.



Increasingly popular in Thailand, parkour (pronounced “parkoor”) is a deeply cool way to interact with your environment. Developed from military obstacle courses, parkour is a way of moving from one place to another, making use of the features of your environment. Run and jump over walls, do a forward roll, or barrel roll over a bench. Be free and use your surroundings for fun, just like when you were a kid. Parkour develops fitness and stamina, but, for the French founder of parkour, Raymond Belle, it is an attitude and a philosophy. He said, “If two roads open up before you, always take the most difficult one. Because you know you can travel the easy one.” Try parkour soon and learn an unusual and thrilling way to keep fit.

Exclusively for our readers, Pickaboo is offering temptingly-priced packages that cater for all levels of fitness.

Parkour Discovery – private group package (4 people maximum)

This is your opportunity to experience a unique Parkour and Movement-based private training with friends or family (max 4 persons).   ฿4,080.00

3 Group Class Package

Our Parkour small group classes are suitable for all fitness levels and will teach you how to live more actively and move freely. Be your movement. ฿1,860.00 or  as low as ฿1,785.00 with a student discount.

Parkour Discovery – private group package (5 to 8 pax)

Experience life-changing Parkour and Movement-based private training that you can share with friends or family (5 to 8 persons maximum).  ฿5,400.00 or as low as ฿5,180.00 with a student discount.

Private Parkour Experience (1 on 1)

Enjoy your first Parkour experience privately with certified trainers and find out how to move your body in ways you never imagined. Use your untapped potential, move freely and be your movement.  ฿3,000.00 or as low as ฿2,880.00 with a student discount.


A favorite workout of many Thai women, Pilates is a low-impact workout designed to strengthen the core while creating a lean and sculpted body. The practice of Pilates can be done in two ways: on a mat or using a reformer machine. With mat practice, concentration, control, breath and balance are key factors while the reformer machine uses weighted springs for an extra challenge.
Similar to yoga, Pilates will leave participants feeling invigorated, connected and strong. In Bangkok, one of the best studios for studying Pilates is Flow Pilates. Exclusively for Pickaboo readers, Flow Pilates is offering discount packages that are perfect for beginners to looking experience Pilates for the first time and advanced students looking to hone their craft.
90-Minute Reformer Experience: Experience the Pilates reformer with this unique package. Learn how the reformer can strengthen, lengthen and tone all parts of your body. With a one-on-one class, the instructor will tailor the lesson specifically for you—making adaptations for things like achy joints or limited flexibly—so you can learn all the benefits the Pilates reformer has to offer. 3,000 baht per session.
90-Minute Mat and Reformer Explore: This is the perfect opportunity for you to try out the Pilates equipment, both large and small. In a one-on-one class, the experienced instructor will guide you through the fundamental exercises that will tone, strengthen and lengthen your body. 2,500 baht per session. 
90-Minute Mat Introduction: This is a unique opportunity for you to experience mat Pilates with a variety of small equipment, like bands and the Pilates ring. You will leave the class feeling strong, long and lean with a newfound confidence to continue practicing Pilates. 2,000 baht per session.
Discounted classes for Pickaboo readers are available during the following times:
Monday: 1-5pm
Tuesday: 8am-midday
Wednesday: 1-7pm
Thursday: 9-11am
Friday: 1-6pm
Saturday: 11am-5pm



With outside temperatures rising, it’s important to remember to take care of ourselves. Health and wellness professionals recommend drinking lots of water, applying suncream and staying in the shade when possible. But sometimes a long, fun day in the sun can expose us to the sun’s harmful UV rays, and even sunburn.

To combat sun damage and help restore beautiful and youthful looking skin, Pickaboo has partnered with Oasis Spa to offer readers a three-hour spa therapy designed to refresh and rejuvenate. During the day of pampering, enjoy a scrub or body wrap followed by an aromatherapy oil massage and relaxing facial.

The signature KIN ocean breeze body scrub is made from natural sunburn remedies, like aloe vera, shea butter, and jojoba beads. Or, if you already have a sunburn, a soothing aloe vera and lavender body wrap is available. Next, experience a relaxing oil massage, sure to ease muscle tension and relieve stress. The final treatment is Oasis’s renowned Guinot® After Sun Facial Treatment. This nourishing facial helps revitalize cells so you can go back out and face the sun with confidence.


This Oasis Summer Day package is available at locations nationwide for 5,768++ baht, but from now until September 30th, Pickaboo readers will receive two Summer Day packages for the discounted rate of 8,652++ baht so they can share this luxurious experience with a loved one. This offer is not valid in conjunction with other promotions. For the discounted package, the treatments must be booked together. 

For all bookings and promotions, please contact info@pickabooclub.com

Summer Art Worskhop For Kids

kids flowersWhat is art? Art is creativity & individual. Two terms that have unfortunately become rare in our society but are not completely lost, thanks to art lovers like Pickaboo & Attic Studios. The Studio has been running art workshops for kids (age 6-12) the past eight years & is once again, launching their summer art workshops for kids again this year. Encouraging not only the opportunity to use a wide variety of materials and mediums but also the study of famous artists & their influence, is a great way to distract your kids from complaining that they have nothing to do, or less inspiring activities like watching cartoons on tv & video games. Also it is proven that art, or to create art, is beneficial for both physical & psychological skills as well has health benefits. Not only does it help to balance mind & soul, it is also a strong way to express yourself as an individual. Art interventions can have stabilizing effects on us humans by reducing distress, increasing self-reflection & self-awareness, altering behavior & thinking patterns.

kids4While the workshop itself runs for 6 weeks between 6th of July and August 14th, each weekday, from Monday to Friday, has a different subject to guarantee the right inspiration for each individual, with such themes as imagination, landscape drawing, learning about famous artists & their influence, Bangkok life & observational drawing.

Pickaboo & Attic Studios offer now a variation of art courses & themes where kids can try different skills within arts & develop an interest & talent for creativity. Each workshop day will last from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. & all material will be provided for the young artists.

Day Package – 1 200 THB

Week Package – 5 000 THB

For all bookings please contact info@pickabooclub.com

Kids Summer Workshop 2015