Gifts, Experiences and Photos – Khun Nat, our May Photo Snap winner speaks up

Recently we caught up with Khun Natakan Siri-Upathum (Nat), the winner of our May Photo Snap Competition. K. Nat, formerly a regional sales manager for AirAsia and currently Senior Transport Manager responsible for airline supply at Expedia, told us a little about herself as well as her prize-winning Songkran photo. (If you haven’t had the chance to see K. Nat’s photo, you can do it “here”.)

Thanks to her wonderful photo, she received a free Pickabooclub “Venice of the East by Bike and Boat” tour. Very cool!

How did you learn about our May Snap competition, and why did you prefer posting on Instagram instead of Facebook?

Gifts, Experiences and Photos - Khun Nat, our May Photo Snap winner speaks up

Gifts, Experiences and Photos – Khun Nat, our May Photo Snap winner speaks up

I saw it on the Pickabooclub fan page :-) The topic was interesting. I had gone to this super fun water festival and had some good photos. So I posted a couple on both Instragram and Facebook.

I posted the photos on Instragram because I thought it could reach a new audience who were not already fans of the Pickabooclub Facebook page. I was also hoping this would draw interest from people who were not aware of Pickabooclub and get them to visit the site.

Can you tell us about your winning Songkran photo?

 It’s actually “Thingyan,” which is a water festival in Myanmar. The photo was taken in Mandalay. Yes, they have it too and it is actually bigger than Songkran in Thailand. It is the longest holiday in Myanmar (10 days) and the water festival is from 13-16 April, from morning until the sun goes down. Companies would sponsor the stage, DJs, and drinks. The stage would supply water to splash people on the street. I was on the AirAsia stage, taking photos of the road where people were dancing on their pick-up trucks.

 What do you plan to do with your prize? Will you gift it or use it yourself?

I love biking. Last year I received a bike tour as a gift arranged through Pickabooclub. It was awesome—a totally enjoyable day. So I will use the prize and invite someone to tag along with me.

Which of our three categories do you most identify with: “Cool,” “Calm,” or “Cult(ure)”?

It’s a mix of them all, but mostly “Calm.”

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

A surprise birthday dinner organised by some friends. It was on Koh Lanta. I was told we were going on a dog walk for a charity that took care of stray dogs. I was on a pick-up truck that I assumed was going to the charity, but actually we ended up at a very nice restaurant on the cliff. Such a lovely surprise—good times!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

I guess it is what I am currently doing: the 7 days detox programme in Koh Samui. I gave this to my mum so that she could improve her health and hopefully carry the good eating habits she will learn with her after the detox.

What’s your favorite activity for a long weekend?

Explore new beautiful beaches—I’m a beach girl.

Thanks to K. Nat for sharing her amazing Songkran photo with everyone, and thanks to all who participated. It was a great competition with a bunch of beautiful photos. Keep spreading the love with The Smile Agent!