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Up, up and away....Of all the experiences I’ve had this one has the greatest discrepancy between my expectation and reality.  We’ve all seen the ground from the air when we’ve flown.  The interesting part of the journey where you’re near enough to the ground to make out the details and the expanding horizon.  Some of us have been up in one of the world’s amazing skyscrapers (I actually have a bit of a problem with them…but I deal with it) and enjoyed the staggering views that we can take in at our leisure.  This one sits between but brings an unexpected feeling of freedom and peace that took me, pleasantly, by surprise.

Starting early is no big deal for me as I am an early riser being up by 5am most days.  My wife and daughter, however, are not so “bright and breezy” normally emerging from their pits closer to 7am when not dragged out of bed by the alarm during the week.  This early start was one that they were both truly excited about.  We were dressed and down to our hotel’s lobby to be met by our transfer driver.  We enjoyed the early morning light as we drifted to the resort where our adventure was to start.

At the resort we all enjoyed our coffees and teas whilst we waited for the balloon to be prepared (remembering to take our little lady for a quick wee before we got called to the balloon).  Without much delay we were loaded into the basket and quickly got ourselves settled in for our journey.  A long blast from the burner and the basket drifted up.  That’s when this strange sensation starts.  Every time you’ve been in the air to this point in your life there have been clunks, whirrs, bangs, whistles and the accompaniment of the powerful sound of jet engines.  Nothing…short blast of burner….sound of voices on the ground becoming quieter…..short blast of burner….bird song from the trees around you.

What to say next?  Everything.  You don’t know where to look.  Around you your travelling companions slowly spring to life and everybody is spotting something of interest for us all to check out.  We drift higher into the sky and the balloon, barely noticeably, changes direction as our pilot moves into a different air flow.  Temples, cars, roads, trees, the resort moves out of view and we have no idea where we are…..and it is bliss.  We have escaped.  This exclusive group of random companions and our little family have escaped….and I don’t want to go back!  In all our considerable travels this has to rank as one of the most powerful senses of escape we have experienced and we have “dropped off the map” for weeks at time on numerous occasions.  You breath slower, try to take it all in and then you remember to take photos.  Of course, and worth remembering, you get phone signal for a much longer range as you head up so it was possible to post photos to Facebook real time.  I say this is worth remembering as it is also worth remembering to SILENCE your phone before the flight.  Luckily none of us were that popular at 7am!

All too soon our pilot spots a landing site and expertly drifts us down to touch the ground.  The first sudden movement in nearly an hour since we left the ground.  Within minutes the chase crew are with us and we’re walking, hand in hand, away from the balloon into a car…..and we have NO reference for where we are.  I suck up that feeling, hold it in and wish I’d remembered to take a minute to enjoy a few breathing exercises whilst I was up there.

This experience ranks up with taking a helicopter up on to the Fox Glacier in New Zealand then flying low through a valley high up in the mountains.  This is totally different but the end result is one that stays.  I have that feeling and, if I close my eyes, I can take myself right back there.  My daughter talks of little else but was fast asleep on Mummy by the time we got back to our hotel.  An amazing memory for our little girl to reach back and enjoy as she moves through life and well worth booking today!


river cruise

The River of Kings, the romantic Chao Praya River, runs right through the exciting city of Bangkok, a vibrant amalgam of the traditional and the modern. The city is seen at its best from the river at night, so why not take up Pickaboo’s tempting offer of dinner on board the luxurious Chaopraya Cruise.

You’ll board the boat at River City from where you’ll sail towards the mouth of the river, past the elegant Mandarin Oriental Hotel and under Taksin Bridge. Turning back upriver, you’ll pass the lovely terrace of the Peninsula Hotel before reaching Wat Kanlayanamitr, the first of three stunning riverside temples on the left bank, atmospherically lit up against the night sky.

The food at the buffet is international and Thai, so you’ll be faced with many delicious choices including a sushi bar, before you settle at your table in the beautifully decorated dining room.

After dinner, you can move out to the al fresco area and feel the warm breeze as you sail past spectacular Wat Arun and Wat Rahkang Khositaram. A live band will entertain you on the upper deck as you dance the night away, right in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world.

On the return journey, you’ll pass famous Bangkok landmarks, Wat Pra Kaew, the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. Finally, you’ll tie up at River City to say goodbye to a fabulous and memorable night out.

This cruise would make an excellent present for a parent’s birthday or wedding anniversary, a perfect gift for your friends or family visiting from overseas, or just a romantic night out for you and your beloved. Leave the kids with the nanny and live a little. At only 1,700 baht per person, it’s a steal. Click here to book.



Rock climbing has evolved from a way for mountain climbers to practise difficult mountaineering techniques to a globally popular sport. At beginner level, anyone with any level of fitness and strength can climb, and there are cheerful rock climbers in their eighties. It’s much more about technique than physical strength.

Now, through Pickaboo, you can get a taste of this exciting leisure activity and enjoy its health benefits. Rock climbing will make you stronger, more agile and fitter, and it’s also great fun to challenge yourself in a new way.

Pickaboo’s Intro to Climbing is your best way to discover sport climbing. It’s a one-hour course that introduces you to essential safety rules, basic skills and top rope belaying right in the heart of Bangkok. Classes are limited to four participants, so you are assured of personal attention and tuition.

The attractive price of 3,200 Baht includes gear rental and a four-day pass to the best climbing wall facilities in Thailand with over 7,000 square feet of high quality, state-of-the-art climbing space. If you get hooked, you’ll be starting on a hobby with plenty of thrills and one which offers huge benefits in terms of health and fitness.

You need to be at least fourteen years old to take the introductory course, but there’s no upper age limit, so you can take your grandma with you and learn together.

By completing the introductory course, you will earn a Top Rope Belay Certificate, your first qualification in this addictive, adrenaline-inducing sport. For more details, click here >>>



This year, why not enjoy the watery fun of Songkran in the stunning surrounds of Ayutthaya? Pickaboo is offering an exciting 3-day, 2-night trip that combines culture and history with traditional Thai New Year celebrations in the ancient capital of Siam.

On 13th April, you’ll drive down to Ayutthaya to take a historic trip to the Great Temple of Chai Mongkol. The temple’s magnificent chedi, which can be seen from all over town, was built by King Naresuan in honour of his victory over the Burmese in 1592.

In the afternoon, your group will be taken to the Elephant Sanctuary, where you’ll board traditional tuk-tuks and be furnished with water pistols and talcum powder ready to take part in Thai New Year ceremonies. No need to worry about your electronic devices. Tour guides will supply waterproof pouches to protect them.

After a tuk-tuk tour of the city, you’ll relax before boarding the Pa Suk Princess for a leisurely dinner cruise on the river.

On Day 2, you’ll visit the charming royal palace at Bang Pa In, before watching demonstrations of Thai arts and crafts at Bang Sai Royal Folk and Arts Centre.

After lunch, there will be a guided tour of the World Heritage site of ancient Ayutthaya to explore its impressive temples. When you’ve completed your tour, you’ll be taken to enjoy more of the city’s joyful Songkran celebrations.

On your final day, you’ll share your good fortune with local orphans by handing out lunch packages at Wat Sakaew in Ang Thong province. Your final destination is the Violet Temple (Wat Muang), a highly revered Buddhist site, which boasts the largest species of pink lotus in the world. There you can also see the biggest pure silver Buddhist image in the country.

Contact to book your Songkran trip.

A Trek Through Khao Khitchakut is the Perfect Thai Activity Gift

Khao Khitchakut National Park in southeast Thailand is the site of an annual prayer festival. In February and March, around the Makha Bucha holiday, thousands of pilgrims make the trek to the top of 1,085-meter Khao Probad, where several rock formations are reminiscent of Buddhist legends.

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Nestled in the centre of uninhabited Cock’s Comb Island in the sparkling Andaman Sea is a vivid green, heart-shaped lake that gives the island its alternative name of Emerald Heart Island.

This summer, you can enjoy a marvellous trip to Emerald Heart Island and take a guided swim through a tunnel into the beautifully clear lagoon hidden inside the island. Because the lagoon is calm and protected by limestone cliffs, it is perfect for snorkelling and you’ll see a wide variety of coral and other sea creatures in its crystal clear waters.

A visit to Emerald Heart Island is a real highlight of our 1, 2 or 3-day tours of the Andaman Sea. You’ll also have the opportunity to snorkel at several other stunningly beautiful uninhabited islands and will be amazed at the clarity of the underwater landscape and the brightly coloured corals.

The 2 and 3-day packages also include a city tour of Ranong followed by a visit to admire the impressive Reclining Buddha at Waree Banpot Temple. Afterwatds, you can refresh yourself at the three mineral Hot Springs in Raksawarin Park where the warm water is completely untainted by sulphur and is safe to drink. Then it’s time for some souvenir shopping before heading for the airport and back to Bangkok.

We offer a choice of packages all including a trip to Emerald Heart Island and snorkelling at other picture postcard islands. Unlike other tour companies which take up to 45 people in each group, we limit our tours to a maximum of 30 people for extra comfort and convenience.

A one-day trip costs 11,000 baht per person (groups of 11-20) or 7,700 baht per person (groups of 21-30). Check Here>>>

A two-day trip (which misses out the second day of snorkelling), including accommodation in the Grand Andaman Hotel and all meals, costs 21,300 baht per person (groups of 11-20) or 17,400 baht per person (groups of 21-30). Single room supplements are 2,500 baht each. Check Here>>>

A three-day trip, including accommodation in the Grand Andaman Hotel and all meals, costs 32,000 baht per person (groups of 11-20) or 20,400 baht per person (groups of 21-30). Single room supplements are 5,000 baht each. Check Here>>>

For all trips, non-Thais are required to also pay a 1,000 baht visa fee.

Contact for more details or to book your summer holiday now.



This February will have 29 days as it is a Leap Year. Why not celebrate this occasion by taking a flying leap of your own and diving out of an aeroplane to enjoy an exhilarating sky dive?

This is a leap you’ll never forget. The instructor will fully brief you about the jump before you board the aircraft and then you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the coastline and beaches of the Gulf of Thailand as you fly to the jump site.

You will feel an intoxicating rush of adrenaline as you plummet to earth in free fall, securely attached to your experienced tandem skydiver instructor, at a speed of 200-220 kilometres per hour!  You can pull the cord to activate the parachute and can steer it by yourself (watched over by your expert companion). Imagine floating down to the ground hanging from a parachute! That really is an experience you’ll want to tell all your friends about and you’ll be able to get a video or still photos made of your jump, so you can post it on your favourite social media.

Only people who weigh under 115kg can make the jump. There’s a sliding scale of extra charges for anyone weighing 95kg or more. Even if people only speak Thai, they’ll be able to understand the instructor, so nobody needs to be left out if you’re making up a party. A tandem skydive costs 10,500 baht per person, but there are reductions depending on the size of the group booked, so take your friends along for an amazing day out.

Click here for details>>>

Or contact for more information.

Go on. Jump into Leap Year!



Be a jungle VIP and zip above the rainforest canopy only an hour from either Bangkok or central Chiang Mai. This unforgettable, educational trip will have you soaring like a gibbon through the treetops, while feeling as safe as houses.

You’ll be challenged by swaying sky bridges slung between giant trees and get a huge adrenaline-rush from rappel descents en route. You need to prepare for an uphill walk through the jungle to your starting point, high above the virgin forest. Make sure you’re wearing shorts/trousers, a T-shirt/shirt, and shoes that won’t fall off! Mosquito repellent is a must in the humid jungle atmosphere.

The experienced guides will explain the flora and fauna you see to enhance your experience. You will be personally fitted into your harness and given a full safety briefing before setting off. The rigorously-trained Sky Rangers follow a strict protocol for safety and maintenance which has seen the company fly hundreds of thousands of people on their zipline flights without incident.

Trips include a Thai meal and bottled water and a pickup and return service.

The Flight of the Gibbon Chiang Mai trip has over 5 kilometres of zip lines and you can be picked up from your home, hotel or guesthouse for a sunrise, sunset or day trip for 3,999 BAHT. Book here>>>

The Flight of the Gibbon Bangkok, Chonburi trip includes pick-ups from Pattaya or Bangkok and has 3 kilometres of zipline woven through the jungle canopy. It is the highest zipline in Thailand and packs a big thrill for only 3,599 baht. Book here>>>

Customise your gift box with a flower bouquet, bottle of champagne or special delivery service. Contact us here for details:

Dive into Party Fun with Friends at Koh Tao


If you are looking for a special way to celebrate a birthday, graduation, hen night, or stag night with a group of friends, what could be better than a tailor-made fun package at a beautiful property with your own private pool on the paradise island of Koh Tao.

While the destination itself will give you a taste of paradise, your time on Koh Tao can be turned into an unforgettable adventure by adding in your choice of activities. Pickaboo will help you tailor your perfect holiday by including activities such as diving, chartered boat tours, sunset BBQ and more.


If you have never tried scuba diving, but always fancied a go, Discover Scuba at 2,500 baht will give you a taste, without the worry of certification. Already done some scuba diving, but forgotten most of it? The Scuba Refresher will bring you up to speed in one day for 2,000 baht.

If you are ready to take up scuba diving, there’s an Open Water Certificate course for complete beginners. The three and a half day course for 11,000 baht immerses you in the life aquatic and, with only four divers per tutor, makes sure you are well-looked-after. Already hooked? For divers who want to up their diving hours and practise higher level scuba skills, the Scuba Diving Advanced Certificate, at 9,600 Baht, will build up your confidence and teach you new ways to enjoy underwater fun.

Freediving is a state of mind. Anyone can hold their breath and dive underwater, but freediving is about attitude. Explore the underwater realm and your body’s limits, without equipment. Make minimal impact on the environment. Experience the other-worldly silence and unimaginable calm of the ocean on an introductory course for 6,050 baht.

Once you have experienced the tranquillity of freediving, you will want to spend more and more time away from the hectic speed of modern living. The Freediver Advanced Course gives you three days’ tuition for 7,700 baht, during which you will learn a variety of breathing techniques. You will amaze yourself with what you can achieve.

Other activities such as chartered boat tours and sunset BBQs can also be included. Just contact us to arrange your perfect holiday in paradise.

Pickaboo’s Koh Tao Packages are available for groups of 8 or more and all prices are per person.

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What mum doesn’t secretly want her kids’ party to be the best and the most talked about in school for months? But how can you make sure it happens without working your little socks off?

Ta da! Pickaboo is here to help. Discerning parents can make sure their kids’ celebrations have a little sprinkling of magic dust by booking a spellbinding magician and assistants for the special day.

Kids really do believe in magic. All you need to provide is the magician and they will be enthralled. Watch their glittering eyes as they gaze in wonder at the entrancing show. Hear them gasp with astonishment at the amazing disappearing act. To finish the show, the magician and his assistant will conjure up gifts and goodies for the guests. A perfect way to close proceedings and send them off with a smile.

The show lasts for twenty minutes and makes a superb finale for a memorable birthday bash. To add to the jollity during the party, you’ll have two zany clowns making fun shaped balloons for the kids: take-home presents they’ll adore.

The whole party package (magician, assistant and 2 clowns plus goodies for the kids) costs 24,000 THB (price does not include transport and accommodation).

To book it and guarantee an enchanting, magic-filled day, contact for a reservation.