This February will have 29 days as it is a Leap Year. Why not celebrate this occasion by taking a flying leap of your own and diving out of an aeroplane to enjoy an exhilarating sky dive?

This is a leap you’ll never forget. The instructor will fully brief you about the jump before you board the aircraft and then you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the coastline and beaches of the Gulf of Thailand as you fly to the jump site.

You will feel an intoxicating rush of adrenaline as you plummet to earth in free fall, securely attached to your experienced tandem skydiver instructor, at a speed of 200-220 kilometres per hour!  You can pull the cord to activate the parachute and can steer it by yourself (watched over by your expert companion). Imagine floating down to the ground hanging from a parachute! That really is an experience you’ll want to tell all your friends about and you’ll be able to get a video or still photos made of your jump, so you can post it on your favourite social media.

Only people who weigh under 115kg can make the jump. There’s a sliding scale of extra charges for anyone weighing 95kg or more. Even if people only speak Thai, they’ll be able to understand the instructor, so nobody needs to be left out if you’re making up a party. A tandem skydive costs 10,500 baht per person, but there are reductions depending on the size of the group booked, so take your friends along for an amazing day out.

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Or contact info@pickaboo.com for more information.

Go on. Jump into Leap Year!