What mum doesn’t secretly want her kids’ party to be the best and the most talked about in school for months? But how can you make sure it happens without working your little socks off?

Ta da! Pickaboo is here to help. Discerning parents can make sure their kids’ celebrations have a little sprinkling of magic dust by booking a spellbinding magician and assistants for the special day.

Kids really do believe in magic. All you need to provide is the magician and they will be enthralled. Watch their glittering eyes as they gaze in wonder at the entrancing show. Hear them gasp with astonishment at the amazing disappearing act. To finish the show, the magician and his assistant will conjure up gifts and goodies for the guests. A perfect way to close proceedings and send them off with a smile.

The show lasts for twenty minutes and makes a superb finale for a memorable birthday bash. To add to the jollity during the party, you’ll have two zany clowns making fun shaped balloons for the kids: take-home presents they’ll adore.

The whole party package (magician, assistant and 2 clowns plus goodies for the kids) costs 24,000 THB (price does not include transport and accommodation).

To book it and guarantee an enchanting, magic-filled day, contact for a reservation.



How cool would it be to take the controls and fly a jetliner down to Rio? On the thrilling City Flyer flight experience, you have the chance to operate a fully realistic simulation of a Boeing 737-800, the best-selling commercial jet in history and you can bring your jet down to land in any one of 24,000 airports around the world.

The simulator is so realistic that it is actually certified by the Civil Air Association of Australia for Pilot Training. It can comfortably fit three people (plus the simulation instructor) on the flight deck.

The supremely realistic cockpit has all the displays and controls you would see in a real jet aeroplane. The cockpit also has a 180 degree curved wraparound screen showing high definition projections of real routes. The fantastic visual system can show any time of day and any kind of weather and has a vast library of terrain. You can even fly around famous world landmarks like London Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

Why not go for a flight in your private jet next week? It’s got to be one of the most amazing activities the city has to offer. This flight experience is a once in a lifetime challenge and would make a perfect gift for anyone who has always dreamed of taking to the skies.

The City Flyer experience lasts for 60 minutes and is a real bargain at 6,900 baht per person. Click here for more details>>>

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