The Haunting Temple in the Lake of Sangklaburee


The tranquil lake at Sangklaburee does not attract as many visitors as its serene beauty deserves. This is especially surprising considering how near it is to the lively riverside town of Kanchanaburee. Pickaboo is offering a trip to remember to this lush, green area with its haunting underwater temple in the lake.

During the rainy and winter seasons, you will be taken by boat to peer down through the clear water at the temple, of which only the bell tower is visible above the surface. Once a centre of worship in a thriving town, the temple was “drowned” when the water rose sharply after construction of the nearby dam. In the dry season, it is possible to visit the temple (an “Unseen Thailand” landmark) on foot.

The tour includes transport to and from Bangkok with a snack breakfast while travelling on day one and lunch at a friendly guesthouse when you arrive. On the first afternoon, you’ll enjoy a tour of the most scenic spots in Sangklaburee – the Mon Bridge is a favourite for selfies! After a set Thai dinner you’ll have a restful night at the cosy P. Guesthouse, far away from the bustle of the city.

After breakfast on the next morning, you’ll head off to the peaceful lake to view the submerged temple, a poignant reminder of life’s impermanence. Back at the guesthouse you’ll be given a tasty lunch before heading back to the city, reflecting on the idea that you should count your blessings, as life is unpredictable.


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Now you can experience what life was like for traditional Thai rice farmers in bygone days, before they had any labour-saving machines, and when life was lived at a less stressful pace. At Buffalo Village, you’ll get up to your knees in the mud, planting rice the old-fashioned way, and learning about the fascinating ancient methods of growing and cleaning and ‘massaging’ the rice.

But it’s not all hard work! You’ll also look at examples of traditional Thai houses, a simply constructed wooden one for a poor family, and a more elaborate house built of expensive wood with clay roof tiles for a better-off family. After an activity-packed morning, you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch at Indie Kitchen, before a lesson on how to cook traditional Thai food at home from the chef/owner, Jai Nokie.

You can fit the whole experience into one day, or, if you want to chill out in the countryside, why not stay the night in peaceful U Thong and enjoy a barbecue dinner before bed? In the morning, you can take part in the age-old tradition of giving alms to local monks. Then cycle to the local market to pick up some yummy ingredients for a tasty lunch. After helping to make lunch, and thoroughly enjoying it, you’ll head back to the big city, after a fun and educational experience that you won’t forget.

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