Want your party to be the talk of the town? Let Olga, a fantastic acrobat and aerial performer, amaze your guests with her courage and grace. She will perform her breathtaking act of acrobatics and contortionism for you and your guests in your own home or chosen venue.

Olga has been performing internationally as a professional acrobat, contortionist and aerial artiste for over a decade. Germany, Ukraine, Taiwan and Turkey are only a few of the countries where she’s entertained audiences with her fantastic displays of skill and dexterity. A performance by the lovely Olga is the perfect way to make your party stand out. The package is suitable for a private party of up to 50 guests.

Pickaboo customers can select from two available performance options, or consult Olga directly if something more customised is wanted. Special costumes can also be arranged:

  • Acrobatic/Contortionist: this option is highly recommended for if your venue has limited space. Check out the video for more details


  • Aerial Acrobatic: this stunningly beautiful performance is suitable for venues with a ceiling of at least 3.5 metres high

Note: For shows outside Bangkok, transportation and accommodation costs are paid by customers.

Price: Starting from 6,000 B.

This price is for a private party of 50 persons. For other events, please contact us at info.



Increasingly popular in Thailand, parkour (pronounced “parkoor”) is a deeply cool way to interact with your environment. Developed from military obstacle courses, parkour is a way of moving from one place to another, making use of the features of your environment. Run and jump over walls, do a forward roll, or barrel roll over a bench. Be free and use your surroundings for fun, just like when you were a kid. Parkour develops fitness and stamina, but, for the French founder of parkour, Raymond Belle, it is an attitude and a philosophy. He said, “If two roads open up before you, always take the most difficult one. Because you know you can travel the easy one.” Try parkour soon and learn an unusual and thrilling way to keep fit.

Exclusively for our readers, Pickaboo is offering temptingly-priced packages that cater for all levels of fitness.

Parkour Discovery – private group package (4 people maximum)

This is your opportunity to experience a unique Parkour and Movement-based private training with friends or family (max 4 persons).   ฿4,080.00

3 Group Class Package

Our Parkour small group classes are suitable for all fitness levels and will teach you how to live more actively and move freely. Be your movement. ฿1,860.00 or  as low as ฿1,785.00 with a student discount.

Parkour Discovery – private group package (5 to 8 pax)

Experience life-changing Parkour and Movement-based private training that you can share with friends or family (5 to 8 persons maximum).  ฿5,400.00 or as low as ฿5,180.00 with a student discount.

Private Parkour Experience (1 on 1)

Enjoy your first Parkour experience privately with certified trainers and find out how to move your body in ways you never imagined. Use your untapped potential, move freely and be your movement.  ฿3,000.00 or as low as ฿2,880.00 with a student discount.