Summer Art Worskhop For Kids

kids flowersWhat is art? Art is creativity & individual. Two terms that have unfortunately become rare in our society but are not completely lost, thanks to art lovers like Pickaboo & Attic Studios. The Studio has been running art workshops for kids (age 6-12) the past eight years & is once again, launching their summer art workshops for kids again this year. Encouraging not only the opportunity to use a wide variety of materials and mediums but also the study of famous artists & their influence, is a great way to distract your kids from complaining that they have nothing to do, or less inspiring activities like watching cartoons on tv & video games. Also it is proven that art, or to create art, is beneficial for both physical & psychological skills as well has health benefits. Not only does it help to balance mind & soul, it is also a strong way to express yourself as an individual. Art interventions can have stabilizing effects on us humans by reducing distress, increasing self-reflection & self-awareness, altering behavior & thinking patterns.

kids4While the workshop itself runs for 6 weeks between 6th of July and August 14th, each weekday, from Monday to Friday, has a different subject to guarantee the right inspiration for each individual, with such themes as imagination, landscape drawing, learning about famous artists & their influence, Bangkok life & observational drawing.

Pickaboo & Attic Studios offer now a variation of art courses & themes where kids can try different skills within arts & develop an interest & talent for creativity. Each workshop day will last from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. & all material will be provided for the young artists.

Day Package – 1 200 THB

Week Package – 5 000 THB

For all bookings please contact

Kids Summer Workshop 2015


Lotus Leave Painting In Bangkok – Find your inner artist

971145_aa392af9da596aa48e3cc21dcd64155f.png_srz_p_579_440_75_22_0.50_1.20_0As many of us are familiar with the beautiful Lotus flower, only a few of us would recognize the name “Bean of India”, as it is also called. While the flower always has been a symbol of Asian traditions, representing the virtues of sexual purity and non-attachment, it has today not only become a great source for modern science & inventions but also an interesting material for many artists from different directions.

Together with the Himapan Gallery, Pickaboo is inviting you to join one of the well-known “Lotus Leaf Painting Workshops”, where you will have the chance to find & explore your inner artist. With a relaxing atmosphere of old antiques & beautiful pieces of art around you, it is a great opportunity to get in touch with your creativity.

During the 3 – 4 hour-long workshop at the Himapan Gallery, participants are welcome to learn & to create their own piece of art for decoration or to impress family friends with a very individual gift.

As “art” itself is a universal language, workshops spoken in Thai, English, French & Chinese are also available.

Workshop packages:
–       Lotus Leaf Painting workshop I (6 400 THB)

–       Lotus Leaf Painting workshop II (7 200 THB)

–       Lotus Leaf Painting workshop III (9 500 THB)

–       Lotus Leaf Painting workshop IV (12 000 THB)
All required material (pallet, brushes, gold leaves, varnish & painting colours like water, acrylic & oil colours.



Sports with Pickaboo? Oui, Monsieur!

The French Open, one of the most prestigious tournaments in tennis, was once again in full swing this week (pun intended!). Athletes at the top of their games fought to win the championship on the challenging clay courts at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris.

Be inspired by these amazing specimens of physical perfection and challenge yourself with some of Pickaboo Club’s sport and adventure offerings.

Pickaboo has selected a wide and varied range of exciting and exhilarating activities for the bold and adventurous:

– Golfing

– Bicycling

– Muay thai

– Rock climbing

– Kitesurfing

– Wakeboarding

– Surfing

– Diving

You can exert yourself in a new sport or hone your skills in an activity you’ve already learned.

Testing the Waters

Maybe you’re thinking about escaping the heat by submerging yourself in refreshing ocean waters. Activities like surfing and diving will take you to new heights — and depths — and help you to push your limits. Find out more about them here.

Or perhaps you’d like to pedal along country roads and explore lesser known parts of Thailand. With Pickaboo, you can see the Lanna countryside, floating markets and Khao Yai vineyards. We also pedal along the ocean in Hua Hin and bicycle through Bangkok’s urban jungles.

Our bicycling trips can be seen here.

Try Muay Thai

You can also explore muay thai, the classic Thai fighting discipline. Pickaboo makes it easy to study this essential part of Thai heritage with several packages that range from a one-hour training session in your own home to a year of courses. Click here to see more information.

Pickaboo’s packages have something for every type of athlete, whether a couch potato or weekend warrior. Get your sweat on and strive for physical perfection!

Please contact us for more ways on how we can give you a special holiday or night out!


                                 Try Muay Thai!