Party Like a Rock Star with Pickaboo’s Driving Service

Drunken driving has taken many lives in Thailand. The ugly trend once again made the headlines this month after an allegedly drunken driver plowed into a group of bicyclists in Chiang Mai, killing three.Police have stepped up efforts to catch these drivers with more checkpoints.

Pickaboo offers the perfect way to avoid risking your life and those of others with its chauffeured driving gift packages. As part of the packages, chauffeurs from U Drink I Drive will drive you home in your own car if you are too intoxicated to drive.

Party Like a Rock Star with Pickaboo’s Driving Service

The safe way to party and travel

U Drink I Drive chauffeurs have undergone special driving and service training and are fully equipped to take premium care of both you and your car. All the drivers with U Drink I Drive have at least 5 years’ driving experience and have undergone criminal background and safety checks.

For added levels of security, drivers wear video cameras that send live feeds of trips to U Drink I Drive headquarters. Friends and family can also watch a live feed of the trip on their smartphones. U Drink I Drive also monitors trips using GPS navigation.

Choose from one trip or many

Pickaboo’s packages have something for every type of partygoer and event.

Check out Pickaboo’s safe driving packages today, and remember to party safely and responsibly!


Appreciating Ancient Ways of Life

With Thailand’s Royal Ploughing Ceremony on Wednesday, it’s a time to think about slowing down, looking around and revisiting the nation’s rural roots.

The annual ceremony marks the beginning of the rice growing season in Thailand, and Pickaboo offers the perfect way to reconnect with the land with a special bicycling trip that takes you through one of the most famous floating markets in the country.

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