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Ayutthaya Alive - Historical River Tour

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Now is the time to revisit Ayutthaya! With its easy reach to Bangkok, stunning temples and sprawling city remains as wonderful as they have ever been it is also enjoying a massive resurgence in the national psyche too. The incredible success of the television series "Love Destiny" has bought the nation back to the old capital to revel in its wonders once more. Now, however, there is so much more colour and vibrancy as the city is bought back to life with story-telling, costumes, food and much more. If you've never been before? Now is the time to enjoy an amazing, and utterly unique, day out to the ancient capital of Siam with Pickaboo.




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Ayutthaya remains one of Thailand’s most visited historic sites. Dating back to c1350 Ayutthaya established itself as Siam’s second capital city after moving from Sukhothai to the north. As a key trading port in South East Asia Ayutthaya cemented its position as the centerpiece for South East Asian trade creating Siam’s power and massive wealth. Ruling much of the region for over 4 centuries it finally ceded to Bangkok (via Thonburi) in the 1700s after being ransacked by the Burmese.

Most visitors to Thailand will have taken the opportunity of visiting this key historic site at least once due to its ease of access from central Bangkok. In a few hours depending on traffic, visitors can be on the site enjoying ancient monuments and exciting remains making this the perfect ½ day, river based, trip. However most won’t have experienced what it was really like. Indeed until recently very few were interested to dig much deeper than a day trip. The reawakening of Thailand’s desire to discover Ayutthaya’s rich history was born from the TV drama “Love Destiny” which bought historically accurate details of culture, cuisine, architecture, language and fashion into every home in Thailand.

Now a trip to Ayutthaya is a much more upbeat, energetic and informed trip with exciting colours, drama, storytelling, costumes and cuisine to explore. Ayutthaya has been reborn in the Thai psyche and this day trip will take you through the most interesting aspects of this exciting former capital that created so much of what Thailand is today.

Let us take you through a dream that transports you, on the original river routes & into the past, opening up interesting costumes, cuisine, linguistic oddities and so much more including the origin of the ubiquitous word “Farang”. We explore organically grown Ayutthaya period food at the famous “Rim Naam” restaurant followed by a trip to meet the Queen of Thai Dessert. With full stomachs we’ll move onto the Japanese settlement where we’ll gain a very interesting insight into the historical past of Ayutthaya recorded in detail by Japanese settlers. Our exploration of the historical sites will be by boat stopping at Wat Cheng Tha, Wat PutthaiSawan and Wat Mahachai. During this time we’ll enjoy dressing up in period costume to get some amazing photo ops. Finally we’ll enjoy another Thai feast at the Grand Chaopraya before being whisked back to Bangkok in time for an early night or a late start.

Ayutthaya has changed, now is the time to give it a fresh look on our unique river based tour!

**Special Trip**
This December we’ll be running a 1 off overnight trip to Ayutthuya. Please contact us for more details. First booked basis.

Please note: Minimum 2 people per tour

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