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  1. Corporate Wellness / Team Building

    Corporate Wellness / Team Building

    Prior to the “away day” our professional personnel will facilitate a 2 hour interactive and fun lunch-and-learn seminar / workshop on site at your office/work location and will undertake an online survey to help identify needs and interests of your staff. Learn More
    PRICE : ฿19,900.00
  2. Lanna Countryside

    Lanna Countryside

    Just a short hop east of Chiang Mai we head away from the tourist trail and into fertile valleys that offer inspiring views and mountainous horizons not seen from the city.

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    PRICE : ฿2,650.00
  3. Khao Yai Wine Trail

    Khao Yai Wine Trail

    Riding the trails in this valley where vineyards and dairy farms coincide side by side you'll discover a wonderful little escape from Bangkok that combines fun bicycle paths with some wine tasting and delicious Thai food.

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    PRICE : ฿9,950.00
  4. Hua Hin Explorer

    Hua Hin Explorer

    Seventy kilometers south-west of Bangkok the Mae Klong River spreads into a sprawling delta before reaching the Gulf of Thailand. 

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    PRICE : ฿15,950.00
  5. Historic Ayutthaya

    Historic Ayutthaya

    Despite destruction in 1767, the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya emanate the city's prior dominance, beauty, and rich history. An easy day ride, this tour reveals the historic treasures of Thailand. 


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    PRICE : ฿3,200.00
  6. Golden Triangle Explorer

    Golden Triangle Explorer

    Explore the Golden Triangle, the heart of trading between Thailand, Laos and Burma, on a three day, two night cycle tour.

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    PRICE : ฿13,950.00

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