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  1. Altitude Training

    Altitude Training

    Altitude Training has proven to be a time efficient and effect way to improve sports performance, lose fat, improve aerobic fitness and manage blood glucose levels to help control Diabetes. Learn More
    PRICE : ฿3,900.00
  2. Fitness Weekend (Single Share)

    Fitness Weekend (Single Share)

    2 day, 1 night weekend fitness retreat is perfect to get out, workout and have fun while de-stressing from the hustle and bustle of working life. Learn More
    PRICE : ฿9,900.00
  3. ASPIRE  Club Day Pass (Inc. Postural Assessment / Coaching Session)

    ASPIRE Club Day Pass (Inc. Postural Assessment / Coaching Session)

    The Aspire Day pass gives full access to the private Aspire facility and includes one (1) group training, Bootcamp or CrossFit training session.

    Learn More
    PRICE : ฿2,800.00
  4. Floating Market

    Floating Market

    Bike your way through Thailand’s bustling river markets, stunning temples and serene countryside.

    Learn More
    PRICE : ฿3,200.00
  5. Golden Triangle Explorer

    Golden Triangle Explorer

    Explore the Golden Triangle, the heart of trading between Thailand, Laos and Burma, on a three day, two night cycle tour.

    Learn More
    PRICE : ฿13,950.00
  6. Historic Ayutthaya

    Historic Ayutthaya

    Despite destruction in 1767, the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya emanate the city's prior dominance, beauty, and rich history. An easy day ride, this tour reveals the historic treasures of Thailand. 


    Learn More
    PRICE : ฿3,200.00

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